Monday, June 26, 2006

Rant kind of day

This blog is all about my highs and lows. Today, or at least right at this second, I'm experiencing a low. Real low. So, step away if you don't like reading that kinda stuff.

I just finished an illustration. I spent all morning working on it. I was in the process of saving it as an .eps. I was going to upload it to my .mac account. I was going to call my customer and let them know that the art is ready for download. Then I was going to move on to creating cute little cars, and trucks, and trains for Zoom. But I got a program error, and my computer crashed, and the file is corrupted. I lost everything that I've spent the last six hours working on. And I don't feel like spending another six hours working on it again — this was an extra, over and beyond kind of thing. Sigh.

On another note. I just received my new, full color Zondervan catalog in the mail. This is the only publisher I know of who produces a full-color catalog. It's so exciting to see all the new Christian children's titles — even though mine ain't in there. It went out of print earlier this year. Sigh.

On one more note, it's my wedding anniverary — 11, 12, or possibly even 13 years — I'll have to do some quick math.


rindamybyers said...

I cannot STAND IT WHEN MY COMPUTER CRASHES! urrrrrr!! aaaaaa!!! And I can't hit it, either....

ShellyP said...

Were you saving along the way? Maybe there's a temp file somewhere that has at least some of the work you did.

Happy Belated Anniversary!

Don Tate II said...

@Shelly. I've found that Mac temp files are worthless. They only serve to re-crash your computer. Thing is, it didn't take me nearly as long to recreate this since I knew what my final design would be. The first time around, I spent experimenting, and trying out, and reverting.