Monday, June 05, 2006

Do I have idiot written across my forehead?

Two weeks ago, I decided to start the process of shopping my stories around. I figured, I have three finished manuscripts, all strong enough that I felt confident in showing them. But the thought of finding an editor/publisher/agent is daunting, so before starting the process, I decided to begin with a few personal contacts. I typed up a few email notes, keeping it casual. I didn't plead too much, but just enough to let them know I was serious about writing as well as illustrating. I mean, why not; what's the worst thing anyone could say but "no". I've been illustrating for over 23 years, I'm all too familiar with "no".

What I'm not familiar with, and what I didn't anticipate, is a complete non-reply. That just plain stings. Com'mon, say it with me, all in sync: Devas T., you are an idiot.

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rindambyers said...

I'm shocked and upset! Nothing? What's wrong with them? The @#!!%*%%!!! I'm sorry that I have to act like a lady online, or I'd say what I REALLY think here...(when what I really want to do right now is act like a wild, old mountain woman up in her cabin with a shotgun across her lap...)

It's probably the way e-mail is these days. People get flooded with wrong stuff too much maybe and stop reading it.

Don't give up! Turn right around, and send them a nice hard-copy submission packet personally addresed to each one!