Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bye-bye T-ball!

Today was the last day for T-ball, this season. I’ve always wondered why it’s called T-ball. The instrument used doesn’t look like a T; It looks like a capital “I”. Why don’t they call it I-ball? Anyway, I digress.

I’m pleased that K and I are able to do this together, and that he enjoys it. I remember doing the T-ball thing with my dad. I hated it. I really did. I went along because…well, do we ever give our children a choice in these matters? In addition, I sensed how important it was to my dad that I play, and that I play well. When I didn’t, and attending my games proved too embarrassing, he lost interest. So, he attended Bs games instead, because he was really good at everything athletic. Guess I shouldn’t complain; I’m guilty of wanting K to do well on the field, too. I get embarrassed when he’s picking dandelions, instead of watching the batter. I flinch when he swings, hitting the “T” instead of the ball — 4 times in a row. *gritting my teeth * We’re all guilty of this — aren’t we? Anyway, I digress again.

Today, we ended the season with a picnic in the park, trophies were handed out, good-byes were said. It was a great group of parents.

Next week we start basketball, and swimming, in addition to science, art, and gymnastic camps. Actually, I think K and I both need a break. But, well, anyway.

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Susan Taylor Brown said...

I remember those T-Ball years. I loved them. The kids were always looking the run way. They started running with their friends around the bases even when they were on the opposite teams and the parents hadn't started fighting with each other and the coaches over some imagined slight. Sigh. Those were the days.