Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two days left, and counting

Manuscript Friday, with my online writing workshop, is coming up too soon. At this rate I’m gonna finish my first draft by Friday, just in time to turn it in, making myself look like a complete and illiterate buffoon. I’ve made a change of plan: I'm not going to turn in a complete first draft, but an incomplete second, revised draft. I might be a buffoon, but I'm a proud one none the less.


An email was forwarded to me today from one of my wife's sorority sisters, back home in Iowa. She's written a children's book "which needs to publish soon". She is in need of an artist. She has "scripted it on paper and [is] about to chart out the sketches." She even has models lined up to use for the sketches.

That's just precious.


Oh, and, a librarian thinks I'm hot.


rindawriter said...

Messy and incomplete are truly okay on all drafts, Don! Truly! They're like sketches and tracing paper. You just keep building one sketch on top of the taught me that!

I've been watching Texas Ranch House on PBS where folks go back in time 130 years and run a cattle ranch in Texas. The very expert head cowboy, in the way he herds those rowdy, wild cows reminds me of how writers work with their words. You'd think, first looknig at him, that he is not in control of that ragged stubborn herd. He just keeps nudging here, nudging there, straightening out a stray here and there, slowing down, speeding up, telling his crew to do this and that, a very patient process, but you know what? Eventually, he got those cows all nice and orderly into the cattle shute! So, just keep nudging, brother, just keep nudging those'll herd 'em home just fine!

rindawriter said...

P.S. I gather you're not working on this particular picture book text! EEEEE!