Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Summer speaking

Summer is around the corner, and in addition to writing and painting, I'll be speaking at Austin Public Libraries. I'm not sure what my presentation will involve, yet, but I've been toying with the idea of griot-style storytelling combined with drawing. I'd like to do that someday, but I'd need the time to practice the stories I'd present. Right now, I'm consumed with the whole writing bit. So, we'll see. Most likely, I'll tell stories, draw caricatures, and talk about the steps an illustrator follows when illustrating a book. Here's a look at my summer speaking schedule at Austin Public Libraries:

June 6, Tuesday @ 3:00 Carver Branch
June 13, Tuesday @ 3:00 University Hills Branch
June 21, Wednesday @ 4:00 Oak Springs Branch
July 6, Thursday @ 3:00 Cepeda Branch
July 12, Wednesday @ 3:00 Ruiz Branch
July 19, Wednesday @ 2:00 Terrazas Branch
July 26, Wednesday @ 2:00 Windsor Park Branch
July 27, Thursday @ 3:00 Southeast Austin Community Branch

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Jen Robinson said...

It's enough to make me wish that I still lived in Austin!