Wednesday, May 10, 2006

School Library Journal highlight!

I began my day in a bummed-out mood. But it ended on a high note. SLJ has posted a spotlight of me on their blog!—(Part 1) (Part 2). How cool is that!?
Disregard the old photo that is posted, I was having a bad hair year (and I'm really not that green). Now, I’ve gotta rush home and update my website — it’s way outdated (as per the photo), and needs some recent art.

I thank School Library Journal, not only for the blog highlight, but for the starred review of my book, SURE AS SUNRISE, and for their kind words about my most recent book, THE HIDDEN FEAST. And a special thanks to A Fuse #8 Production (a way cool librarian with connections)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Don. Very cool! Congratulations on being in the spotlight.

Susan Taylor Brown

Anonymous said...

Yay! Hurray! What a glorious day! For you!