Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SCBWI fall conference announced

Well, guess I'll have to bite the bullet and cough up the $415.00 early registration fee for the SCBWIs 35th Anniversary Summer Conference. I'd really like to attend this year. I just discovered the announcement on their website. I was a bit disappointed that there wouldn't be much color (dark chocolate Oreo color) on the faculty, but, oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Since I will be conducting workshops at SCBWI Austin, and Dallas this fall, I thought it a good idea to see how the big-guys do it.

One cool thing, Louise May, my editor at Lee & Low books will be speaking, as will my licensing/art agent, Suzanne Cruise. I met Louise this past January at ALA San Antonio, and though I've been working with Suzanne for well over ten years, we've never met face to face (Her voice tells me she's a babe).

I might be in the market for a new keyboard. Suddenly, my spacer key doesn't respond well; I have to slap my thumb down really hard to make a space. That can't be good for the keyboard, and it surly ain't good for my thumb. My apple keyboard is see-through, revealing food crumbs, nose hairs, and bitten off finger nails. I guess that could be the problem.

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Varian Johnson said...

I probably won't be able to go this year. Have fun, take lots of good notes, and actually try to TALK to people. I don't really like socializing either, but most of the folks at the conference are nice, fun people.