Saturday, May 06, 2006

Overload, again

It's 10:30 at night. I still need to pack for my Dallas trip. I have an email box full of request that need to be addressed, or at least let folks know I'll contact them next week (Insert a very cool interview request from a major review journal). I have at least 10 loose-ends that need to be tied before I get on the plane. I still haven't read my five books for the day as a part of Anastasia's workshop, and top it off, the powder bathroom sink just sprung a leak. Did I mention my wife wants me to help her fill 35 water balloons for tomorrows track and field day at my son's school, and my beard needs a dye touch-up? How'm I gonna show up in Dallas with a grey beard?

I guess this explains why I didn't spell or grammar check this post, and why everything is all run-on.


MotherlyAdvice4U said...

Don't worry about a little grey hair. Especially on a man, society considers grey hair distinguishing.

rindambyers said...

I agree! My husband was going gray and bald in his late 20's. He looks good!