Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not so lazy days of summer

Tomorrow marks the first day of a very interesting summer ahead. Summer’s are always a difficult time for me in terms of completing work. I should have learned years ago, to take them off for the sake of stress relief. This summer, my work schedule has doubled, but so has my non-work activities.

In the past, K attended daycare year round. It’s not an idea plan, I know. And I cringe saying it. But we aren’t at a point, yet, where one of us could stay home full-time. And we got bills. The challenge is that, this past year, K attended school, instead of daycare, and school let out last week. We discussed a few possibilities for the summer, but we ended up with a plan that's going to be quite a juggling act. It’s my fault, I’ll take the blame, because I was too busy to help with the planning. So, instead of daycare, K will spend the summer at half dozen themed day camps all over the city. Literally. He’ll do karate camp, then art, then science, then music, then — I don’t know — you name it. Instead of starting my workday early, like I probably should to keep up, I’m going to spend many days dropping K off at one camp for a few hours, just in time to pick him up, then drop him off at another. Then he’ll spend a bit of time with the wife at her job on some days, and some mornings at home with me.

But that’s only the beginning. ‘Z’, the book whose artwork I was to begin this past January, and whose artwork was due to the publisher two weeks ago, but was held up do to technical difficulties on the design side, now has a new art deadline. August. No, you did not read that wrong — August. Mid-September, at the absolute latest. And I still don’t have the go-ahead to start sketching on this, yet. Sketching, you know that part that comes before I do final art. Keep in mind, this is the time I had reserved for ‘Ron’.

Yes, I have an interesting summer ahead.


Kim said...

Very interesting. How can they do that to a book? It seems like they're forcing you to really rush!

Summer is my favorite time of year. Of course, it's not as hot here as it is down there! I hope the childcare situation works out. All that shuffling than really make the day interesting!

Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Summer daycare has always been a thorn in my side.

My oldest is 11 and every summer I itch and complain about the lack of affordable, comprehensive daycare.

Either you're paying nearly $300 for two weeks or you're paying about $200 for the six week what you're supposed to do the rest of the summer? I haven't a clue!

But mostly we do the six week camp and then shuffle her between family the other few weeks.

Taking the summer off would be very nice.

Kay Bell said...

Phil told me about your blog. I mentioned this post in my entry today about the day care tax credit.

Kay Bell said...

forgot to give you the permalink: