Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nerve wrecking

Final art for book #1 is due to the publisher next week. Problem is, I haven't been given the go ahead to begin the initial sketches, much less final art. Keep in mind, creating final art will be about a two month endeavor. I did receive an advance for this book many months ago, so I know we are still on. But it's kind of scary to have such a large project out there, sort of floating above my head like a storm cloud, ready to strike at an undetermined date.

Final art for book #2 is due in six months. That should be plenty of time provided we get going soon. I submitted thumbnail sketches, but I'm waiting the go ahead to start sketching final art.

Sketches for book #3 are due in December.

Nobody told me that magic was a necessary skill in illustrating for children's books.

On another note: I'm on the verge of developing a nervous eye twitch, as the result of checking my email every couple hours to see if my manuscript has been acquired, or rejected. No news is good news, I guess. But an eye twitch sure ain't.
Kidding, my eye isn't twitching, but my email-checking finger is.


Anonymous said...

You have advances and contracts and deadlines to help you pass the waiting time.

I'm supposed to be writing with no advance or contract or deadline. Sigh.

Neither one is easy.


rindambyers said...

Don, any chance you can get in touch with their art director or something and just inquire about a possible go-ahead date? Seems to me they should, on a business level, respect an inquiry, if you've gotten the advance already like this? But then I don't know much about art directors!

sj-the-infamous said...

Twitches can't be good! I hope these come through so you won't need a straight jacket should the twitching spread....LOL