Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm so confused

I've just read my five picture books for the day. I picked them out randomly. All five books were written from the point of view of an adult -- not the child. Not one dealt with the child solving a problem. All were very nostalgic (adults recalling a childhood experience, every one of them, literally). Top it off, each book had a prayer, or someone prayed (though, none were religious books). All of these things go against what I've been learning about writing for children. Tell me, are there really any rules?

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rindawriter said...

Well, the only concensus I have EVER seen about books for children, particularly picturebooks, is that there are far too many published ones already out there that are poor quality or mediocre quality. Everyone from the library/reviewer/publisher/editor/teacher end, everyone that is except the ordinary you-and-me buyers seems to think there are a lot of junkie ones out there. Yet ordinary people seem to like them and BUY thethe junkies!

Why????!!! I don't know,brotha, I don't know. When I read and when I buy books for children, I try to go by reviews and my own tastes and loves, but I still try to pick and choose only from the very best ones.

AAAHHH! All the junkie books I have had to read to kids....ahhhh!!!