Monday, May 22, 2006


R.V.C. is the code name I've given to a children's book manuscript born right here on Rants and Raves. Originally, I wrote it as a poem. I had planned to expand the it into a full-blown manuscript, then enter it into last year's New Voices competition. But I didn't make the deadline — oh well. I recently finished expanding it, and have shared it with two critique groups. The general consensus:

What they said works: It's a feel-good, day-in-the-life story that puts a smile on the faces of those who've read it.

What they said needs work: It's indulgent with nostalgia. "Children aren't nostalgic, adults are" was one person's comments.

My thoughts: I wanted to write a feel-good story, that would appeal to children, but put a smile on the faces of adults, too. I mean, Disney does it all the time, why not? Not dissin' my feedback; I'm going to consider all the advice. But for now, the story needs to sit awhile. And not because the it needs more simmering, but because of my illustration demands are all hitting at once.

Besides that, now that I have a couple of manuscripts written, I'm really not sure what to do next. Wait for that editor to call, whose been reading my blog surreptitiously, and is dying to read what I've written? Yeah, right.


Kim said...

Now you sound about right where I am--you've read enough and learned enough to be totally confused! I continue to get review books that break the "rules" from major publishers, so I know someone is publishing this type of book!

My advice--just keep writing through the confusion. Let the manuscripts sit. Then, if you still love them after a month or two, send them out. And, remember that a rejection still doesn't mean it's might just need to find the *right* editor to love it!

Good luck with the art and the writing!

rindawriter said...

Don, do YOU love the story and can you see how it would keep a group of wigglies interested? And can you try to write it that way, thinking about what both you and the wigglies (children) would love? Then I wouldn't worry if it's classified as "nostalgia." The Little House books are all nostalgia. People LOVE them still!