Friday, April 07, 2006

TGIF! Maybe not

Ok, I decided to go into work early today. Normally, in the mornings, up till about 2:30, I work at home on my children's books. Then, I get dressed, and head into work at my full-time gig. I'll get off at about 11 p.m. But, today I decided to go in early because, well, it's Friday, and I'd rather not be at work till late tonight. But, I think I'm gonna be sorry I did.

My first assignment: diagram a new courthouse. Exciting, huh?

Now, first thing I gotta do is call the reporter back because the cellphone number that I've been given for the city manager contact ain't working. The reporter, of course, will be irritated because, in his mind, the stupid graphic designer (me) is bugging him while he's trying to write his story. After I get a good cellphone number, I'll have to chase down the city manager to have him email the floor plans. Keep in mind that getting this information will probably take all afternoon — four hours, no less. If and when I get the diagram emailed to me, it won't be compatible with my Mac, I've been down this route before, so I'll ask him to fax me a copy as well. Thing is, the faxed plans will be so distorted that nothing will be clearly read. I'll have to try to decipher the fax, on deadline, and produce a graphic before the reporter leaves for the day, about 6. All the while, this doesn't include everything else I'll be juggling on one foot — maps of obscure land purchases, city budget pie charts — none, no less complicated than the diagram.

At this point, I just wanna go home and illustrate my books.

I'll report as to how close my prediction went.

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rindambyers said...

A NEW maybe, they need to be PAYING you bigtime for the design fees for something like that now...