Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Excuse me while I whine

Lately, my confidence in writing has taken a beating. My coworkers have discovered one of my more...colorful blogs, I heard through the grapevine. These are professional writers, reports, editors, and copy proofers. And that terrifies me. I thought I was blogging anonymous, but one person figured me out, and the word quickly spread. Though several people have told me how much they enjoy my stuff, I haven't written as much since then, and for the first time since I've taken an interest in writing, I get writers block.

Today, my confidence took an even bigger hit. I was rummaging through my archives here, looking for something to repost, something that I had already written. I came across some of my writing that, at the time, I thought was fairly good. It started this way: "Excuse the capricious quality of my ramble here..."

Oh, that makes my stomach hurt.

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rindambyers said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it, Don. You CAN write! You ARE a writer, and those folks aren't looking for the polish, brother, they're looking for the creativity, the originality on your blog writing, believe me! AT least the ones that want to BUY your artistic work! I refuse to proofread my own blog. I'm not insane enough to do it after copyediting other people's words all day long! I just state so on my blog and have stopped worrying about the "mistakes" the goofs. It is creativity on display, your blog! The right kind of people expect to see a bit of a mess on a blog! The right sorts. The ones who have the $$$ to BUY your work, and that doesn't include other writers! Generally.