Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cleaned a hurdle

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my back, which allowed me to clean a major hurdle. I just completely finished a rewrite of "Bill'! After addressing some issues, I had planned to rewrite it with more of a southern voice, maybe sweetening up the language. But, after looking at the editors comments, I figured, why tinker with it? They seemed to like my words, and voice as is — at least their comments weren't directed at my prose.

I'm sure this will not be the final draft, but I do feel like I have a stronger manuscript than before — about 500 more words, for a total of just over 2000 — but I needed more words to include some important details that were left out.

Now the scary part, I just emailed it to my critique group. Maybe "group" is a strong word considering, at present, it's me and another guy (to be revealed once I get his permission to do so). But we will meet on Saturday, along with our kids. We thought it a good idea to see how much critiquing we actually get done with three toddler-ish boys. K does pretty good as long as he knows where the bathroom is, has someone to play with, and cookies are abundant.

And the other scary part; I’m an artist and wannabe writer. My group…er, the other guy, is a writer. He's a soon to be published writer, with an agent. I know his input will be of value to me. So, I’m hoping my input will be just as valuable to him…and eventuallly, to them.

I also emailed the manuscript to another author colleague, so I should have some pretty good feedback in which to address a final draft.

Now, back to my thumbnail sketches for 'Ron'.

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rindambyers said...

You could have those boys do some drawing and scribbling while you guys are talking and then have the little ones do a special "show and tell" for you at break time. It has to be lots of praise at this age, though, not "critiquing!" I hope the critiquing you get will help.