Sunday, April 30, 2006

Class begins!

I tend to work best under pressure. I also tend to do things spontaneously — something that drives my plan-it-down-to-the-finest-detail-wife crazy.

This week, high pressure will meet spontaneity when I start an online writing course given by author Anastasia Suen. I say high pressure because I'll need to read five picture books per day, in addition to the daily homework. That might be simple for your average 8-year-old, but for us grown dyslexics with full and part-time jobs — and kids!— it's gonna be a challenge. Not to mention that I didn't read the not-too-small print on Anastasia's website stating that I'd need to submit one manuscript a week. Where am I going to find a manuscript to submit? And what about my overbooked illustration schedule?

Chris B. saved the day — at least this week — when he gave me a subject to write about. I've spent the weekend researching my subject, and will submit a first draft manuscript to the group on Friday. Then, I do have two more first drafts I could submit in following weeks. I certainly don't like the idea of submitting early work, but it's better than showing up to class empty handed. Something tells me that "My dog ate my homework" won't fly with Anastasia.

There's a certain irony here, that will leave a few of you smiling, a few others scratching their heads, and yet a few others just plain wondering what I'm talking about.

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rindawriter said...

Ask your librarian for "short," high-quality children's picturebooks about the length of say

"Kitten's First Full Moon."

These go very fast. Try to think of short texts or ideas in your head as you work on other things, since you do have a time crunch, quickly stop for a minute, write those down, continue on. Hope this is a very profitable endeavor for you!