Monday, April 24, 2006

Chocolate-covered epiphany

Epiphany is a word with a delicious sounding ring, no doubt. "I'll have a chocolate-covered epiphany with my Latte Grande," one might say.

Yesterday, while on my way to work, I had a devinely scrumptious epiphany. The answer to the 64-million dollar question came to me while I weaved my way through Interstate 35.

The answer was soft, sweet, but clear. Many times my wife has told me that God talks to her, and I look at her like she's koo-koo. As a result, she ain't said that in awhile. But now, I understand what she means. I was so excited that I almost forgot the answer, and the question by the time I got to work.

I'm so glad I didn't email my manuscript before fudging the ending. Fudge? Chocloate? Latte? I must be hungry. Or delirious.

Also, this epiphany meant changing my title.

Cross your fingers. I'm submitting!


rindawriter said...

I hope it goes well for you! It's like fishing in a way. Sometimes, you have to wait a bit before getting a nibble--and/or a fish! I don't worry about my projects if there's somethign I can't figure out. I just let it sit a bit....An old trick I learned from sewing! Let it sit in the machine!

The Gig said...

I believe that God talks to me too. He talks to you in your thoughts, mind and your conscious. When ever you are contemplating doing something,especially if it is something wrong and you begin to have second thoughts, that to me is God or the Holy Spirit trying to direct you in the right direction, somewhat like your parents when they believe you are about to do something they know could only be a bad choice. That is what your wife means when she says that God talks to you. It pays to listen.