Friday, March 10, 2006

Squeezin' it in

I have so many things going on presently, that I've decided to make a big list and post it on my studio door with production schedules, deadlines, work orders and such. Normally, I keep this stuff in my head, but I've never had demands in the past quite like I have now. I apologize to those whose emails have gone answered, and to a couple people who have requested interviews (I’m really sorry). I've been swamped with work, then after finishing Justin, I literally took a few days off and simply did nothing.

This week, I received three book offers. Should any of those folks be reading, I'm honored and I thank you. However, it's looking like I will only be able to force-squeeze in one more manuscript in this year. This story, to be published by a Christian house, is written by author Walter Wangerin. I love the manuscript. Their production schedule may not be able to wait for me, but I'm hoping so. The author personally selected my work, so that really speaks to me. Besides that, my portfolio is in bad need of diversity. I’m squeezin’ this in, if possible.

I also received a request to illustrate one spread for Harcourt through Kirchoff/Wohlberg, Inc (whose website may crash your computer, so be careful), a literary agency who I'd like to establish a relationship with. The deadline isn't so bad, so I'm squeezin’ this one in.

Spoke with the folks at Dutton to see about starting my sketches for Ron one month later. This will allow for squeezin’ in 12 images for the 2007 My Peepz calendar. Final art due early May. Keep in mind that Zoom is still on the horizon; It's still in the hands of the paper engineers.

My licensing rep called with two requests for designs. I will do a few preliminary designs for a company who produces birthday party favors. My theme will be cowboys! Now, I'm not feeling so bad about purchasing that expensive coffee table reference book about cowboys, though, now after Justin, it's covered in paint. Squeezin’ it in.

Other interesting contacts this week:

-Urban Ministries, Inc., an African American Christian publishing and Communications company, requested art samples. I'll squeeze that in.

-Dallas Children’s Book Fair (fun, fun, fun) Squeezin’ it in

-oh, and my mom wants me to draw a picture of her for her blog. Guess I should find a way to squeeze it in, I mean she’s kinda got me over a barrel with the nine-months of carrying and birthing me thing.

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rindambyers said...

Hope you can break through to full time this year!