Friday, March 10, 2006

Squeezin' another (blog) in

I'm even more excited about the possibility of illustrating a book by American Book Award recipeint, Walter Wangerin. I just got off the phone with the publisher, and learned how I was chosen as the artist. Walter discoved Summer Sun Risin,' a book I illustrated for Lee and Low, while shopping at Barnes and Noble. He liked the farm scenes and made his request based simply on that alone, not because he needed/wanted/preferred a black artist. In fact, the characters in this book are midwestern, German caucasions. I don't mind getting work based upon race, it's the niche I've created for myself, it brings work my way. But it's a special compliment when I'm selected solely on the merits of my work.


rindambyers said...

Congratulations! Especially on the WW proposal. HOPE you get it. He's very well known, a big plus for you, Don, I think!

Keep on going on brother!

paula said...

Oh, that's neat, Don! Great story on how you got 'picked'! Congratulations!

And you're the second illustrator I know who is getting more work from a farm/barn scene...Hmmm...