Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hot off the press!

Just received 20 complimentary copies of The Hidden Feast, a book I illustrated for August House. Most publishers will offer 3 to 5 contractural copies, and I usually counter with 20 to 25, and, so far, have had no problem getting that.

Excuse me if I'm repeating myself, I can't remember exactly what I've blogged in the past, but I was very happy with the reproduction of the art, they did an outstanding print job. I tried a new technique. I didn't have much time to create the final art, two months, maybe three. The publisher's initially wanted the same style I used in Sure As Sunrise, but there was no way with the time allotted. So I went with more of a flat, bold-lined coloring book style. Problem with that style is that it can go flat, so I layered the paints very thick, mixing in large amounts of medium. I went over each block of color with a lighter, even thicker glaze of the same color. On roosters feathers, I included some details using a fine-point metallic marker, though I knew metallic would never reproduce unless it were printed as a fifth color. It didn't reproduce.

Although the images are very flat, the thick transparent paint, layered over bold colors, allows for the brush strokes to stand out. This created a rhythm and texture that I hadn't anticipated. Happy accident 'cause I honestly had no idea what I was doing at the time, I was just trying to make deadline.

My only regret...well, besides the type thing surreptitiously mentioned before, there wasn't time to correct some incorrect information on the cover flap. No — although I wish — Andrea Pinkney is not the author of any book that I have illustrated. She did edit one of my books, which explains the mixup. We'll fix that on a second printing.


Why does my day keep getting interrupted by sales people wanting to clean my carpet for free, but sell me a $3,000 Kirby vacuum? Oh, excuse me, I forgot. Kirby is not a vaccuum cleaner, it's a complete in-home cleaning system. Go away!

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rindambyers said...

Congratulations, Don! I do like these animals. (I think I might have told you that before.) I like your cartoon look and anything close to it the most of your work. It's becauwse of your line in the cartoons. Very expressive and individualistic.