Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Hidden Feast is about to debut

The Hidden Feast (August House, 2006), a picture book which I illustrated, debuts on the publishers website as well as on Amazon, and elsewhere. Notice that a brotha was left off of the Amazon credits, however, that'll soon be fixed. The Hidden Feast: A Folktale from the Southern United States releases in April.

I will be signing The Hidden Feast at TLA coming up in April!


rindambyers said...

Why is it so easy for folks to omit the illustrator's name on these books? Don't they know the Caldecott only goes to the illustrator????Wah!

Adding this one to my list of needs (not wants, needs)\ ....LOVE piggy!

janee said...

Looks great, Don! Boy the publisher sure saturated the color of the cover on their site. It looks much more natural on Amazon.

Gotta add this one to my PB collection.