Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An email from David Kirk!

This morning, I received an email from David Kirk! "Greetings," he said in the subject line. Seeing this utmost famous children's book illustrator's name in my email box almost gave me a heart attack. I mean, David Kirk!— as in the creator of the colorful, and immensely successful Miss Spider franchise. One of the few illustrators — if any — to make the pages of the Wall Street Journal for his big successes of the early 90s.

What did David Kirk want with me? Curiosity began to spin my brain in circles, I grew dizzy with anticipation. Maybe he belongs to some invitation-only, exclusive group of illustrators, and was going to extend me an invitation. I started to formulate the acceptance letter in my mind. Maybe he's co-chairing a literary festival, along with some other big name author, in some faraway city, and I am requested to be on the guest roll. Maybe his editors had envisioned a collaborative effort between David Kirk and myself — Miss Spider Marries a Roach from The Hood. Oh my gosh! I need an agent if I'm going to work with David Kirk!

My computer — just as star struck as I — froze as I opened his email. I rebooted, logged onto the internet, found that email. I was disappointed.

This particular David Kirk was a spammer. He wanted to deposit $48.550 million dollars into my savings account if I gave him my banking account information.

Sigh. I feel so nobody-ish.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, Don.That is too too funny.
Susan Taylor Brown

Kim said...

Ugh! I do that every year when Highlights calls to try to sell us additional items!

This year, I saw Highlights on the caller ID and grabbed the phone and rushed away from the kids when I answered. As you can imagine, the telemarketer didn't get a warm response from me!

Varian Johnson said...

Man, that sucks. But I must admit, I couldn't help but laugh at your misfortune. If you ever get that 48 million, why don't you break me off a few thousand?

janee said...

Ha! I used to get this same thrill when I got emails from Bob Mankoff wanting to sell me Cartoon Bank merchandise. It didn't matter that I'd never submitted to the New Yorker, I was SURE I'd just made a sale!

rindambyers said...

Okay, now, the BIG question for fun is what would you have done with the money if you'd won it?

Oh, noooo.....internal rhymes...I'm leaving now....too late in the day....

Anonymous said...

Hot dog, I'm in somebody's blog! I don't have your email, so this is the best I can do. Thanks for being happy to get an email from me! Miss Spider, Holly, Spiderus and the gang all say howdy. A Cordial Handshake, David Kirk