Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cartooning in Austin

I deleted my last entry. Nothing wrong with it, intrinsically. But with the Carnival of Children's Literature coming up, and the possibility of a new reader, or two, I didn't want to take a chance. I'll share my most embarrassing book buying experience at another time.

Looking forward to the weekend. I'm planning to attend STAPLE!, The Independent Media Expo. In laymen terms, it a convention for cartoonist, zines, and self-published literature. I've been feeling my way around this new cartoon platform, so I'm looking forward to meeting, and networking with others who are doing exactly what I want to do. Except, ultimately, I don't want to be self published. I wanna make some money.

Ah, and another cool thing. Remember, I joked about presenting myself as a caucasion cartoonist. I was joking. Sorta. Anyway, Keith Knight, a very successful African American cartoonist, will be speaking at the convention. Not that I want to be a cartoonist, per se. Well, yes I do. How come I have a problem identifying with that word? Anyway, regardless, I'm inspired.

By the way, I learned of the convention through Paige Braddock, who I blogged about a few weeks ago (but can't find the post in order to link to).

Now, back to my paintings.


Jared Chapman said...

Hey Don

I am planning to swing by and check out Staple this weekend. I'll keep an eye for you. I've love to meet you in person.

Kim said...

This sounds like a great event. I'd love to see a report on this event. (I kind of have a research thing going on when it comes to this topic) This sounds very similar to what I imagined in my post about Thinking BIG!

ShellyP said...
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ShellyP said...

(Oops, I messed up the previous comment so I deleted it.)

For your viewing pleasure

I actually read to him last night from two of the books and he loved it! He kept interrupting me to tell me about the pictures.

Appreciatively yours,
ShellyP and Sidney