Monday, March 06, 2006

The Carnival is in town!

Riverview was a good old fashioned neighborhood amusement park which sat in the north central city along the Des Moines river. There were plenty of clowns, and pinball machines and games of chance. There were teacups, and wooden roller coasters and houses of mirrors. My favorite ride was the airplanes which spun in circles just above my dads head. As he looked on, I imagined myself flying high over the clouds to a world far away. My least favorite ride was the Wild Mouse. I never did like rollercoasters, especially after hearing all the stories (urban legends) of kids tipping over and plunging to their death in the river below. And then, there was the Tunnel of Love; There was more screaming and hair pulling, than kissing and hugging as the boat veered through the dark tunnel. Riverview closed when I was still just a small child, and I haven't experienced anything of late that compares to the old fashioned good times.

But the Carnival of Children's Literature, No. 2: A Coney Island Adventure, hosted over at Chicken Spaghetti, has gotta come close. Check it out.

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Susan said...

Don, this is a belated thank you for mentioning the Carnival. Gracias! You sent a lot of traffic my way. Your intro is great. I remember the days of hair-pulling haunted houses rides, too. And the Wild Mouse--yep, rumors galore.My parents never let me ride it...