Thursday, February 16, 2006

"You are awesome!"

The headline is a quote. The statement came from a San Antonio student who I presented to earlier this week. She had such a big smile, and displayed such sincerity that I was almost knocked me off my feet. Later, when I ran into her again in the library, she repeated her compliment. "You are awesome," she said. "I just had to tell you that again."

That made me feel great. What a testament to having affected the kids in a positive way. My goal was to inspire the kids. For kids who aren’t the least bit interested in art, I wanted to give them a reason to give the art in their books a second look. For the kids who have artistic talents, I wanted to offer them a picture of where their artistic talents could take them.

So, if I was "awesome" to this one kid, hopefully that means that I’ve positively influenced her attitude about books and reading and authors and illustrators in a way that will last far into her future.


rindambyers said...

Kids tell the truth straighter than most adults I find...and awesome you are!

paula said...

Perhaps 15-20 years from now, a letter (or email) will come from the same girl who is now making a living in some respect from her art, again telling you how "awesome" you are and how you influenced her! That's so cool to hear, Don. Thanks for sharing that.

ShellyP said...

That's one of the best feelings in the world - to know you positively influenced someone.

Anonymous said...

She's right, Don. You ARE awesome. I'm so glad she shared how she felt with you. It will tide you over the not-so-much-fun days.

Susan Taylor Brown

Kelly said...

How very cool, Don. What a great moment. Congrats!