Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Temporarily on hold

I'm working under a heavy deadline, so I'll have to rejoin the blog world later this weekend. In the meantime, I leave you with a piece of my art. I call it, "shirt off my back" because that's exactly what it is. I just took my shirt off, laid it on the scanner and — Wa!-La — instant gallery quality artwork.

When my deadlines are tight, I'm not my usual vainglorious self. I get kinda dirty. There's no time for washing oil paints off my hands, or using paper towels to blot acrylics out of my brushes. I just wipe my hands on my clothes like a 9-month old toddler eating pureed peas. But it's all good.

After visiting an art gallery this weekend, and seeing how one artist is creating paintings with the remains of unclaimed, cremated dead bodies, I figure, all's good in love and art.

And I do accept all major credit cards.


Kim said...

Ya know...if you hadn't told us it was the shirt from your back, I might have thought it was a teddy bear who got into the paint set. (Do ya see it? Hu? The blue dot is his nose and the two black dots make his eyes!)

rindambyers said...

Gives me ideas for a teeshirt of my own....Don, I once read a story about a writer for adults who, when he REALLY wanted to write, would go off to a motel BY HIMSELF for three or four days AND nights at a stretch WITHOUT a bath, staying in bed all and writing and EATING.....until he was done! I would really like to try that someday myself.

Good luck with your work....we in blogland will be here when you return...