Sunday, February 19, 2006

Squeezing in some father/son writing time

I don't think I've ever mentioned before that I've been working on a manuscript of father and son poems and vignettes. Maybe "I've been working" is a bit strong. I've sat down twice, for a total of about three hours to work on the idea. But I have a year of first draft material on my blogs in which to review, and revise, and build upon. I tend to write about my son quite a bit.

After looking over my old stuff, boy, I've realized, I've gotten better. Not great. Not even good. Just better. But after a year of writing, I've learned that it's the revisions that make mediocre writing good, better, and then best.

Oh, and, uh, excuse the crooked teeth.


Anonymous said...

okay...that is an absolutely adorable picture.
Susan Taylor Brown

rindambyers said...

Don, do work more on this! It sounds like a great idea. Did you know that your son has a smile just like his mother's? And a personality like his dad's, I am sure!

Well, Don, I am finally allowing the world into my private creative workspace, with pictures and all on my blog, if you have a chance to drop by. I'm afraid it's pretty quirky and messy compared to yours which looks very professional in comparison! But it has a wide window and good light and it's mine all mine! No computers in this space, only pure creativity and PLAYING around!