Sunday, February 26, 2006


Today is the last full day that I have to work on these 10 paintings. My goal is to finish them by the end of the week, but working a fulltime job, I can only get a few hours in each day on these paintings.

My wife just left for a few hours to teach a Sunday school class, and my son is taking a nap. If he wakes up, I won’t get any more work done until my wife gets home.

There’s a kid outside my window loudly bouncing a basketball. Any second, he’s gonna walk past Ks bedroom and possibly wake him up.

Is it against the law to break the fingers of a kid, even if the kid don’t belong to you?

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Courtney said...

I often wonder that when my two year old is taking her one nap of the day.

so glad i found your blog, i've been a fan since i saw your stuff in austin for a scbwi event.