Monday, February 27, 2006

Running on empty

The wife couldn't sleep last night. She had insomnia, or something. It must have been around 3 a.m. when she woke up. I had stayed up reading and writing until about 1 a.m., myself. Since she couldn't get back to sleep, she decided to get up, check her email and write some notes for a class she's been teaching. She didn't come back to bed till it was practically time to wake up.

The thing is, I can't sleep when she ain't in the bedroom with me. That's a lie, but I thought it might sound romantic-like. Normally, I sleep like a log in spite of the conditions around me. But last night, her stirring around kept me awake. So in terms of sleep, today, I'm running on empty. I have 10 paintings to finish this week. I have one sketch due to Rosa Wesely, and one last design to render for DT. But, I'm going back to bed. I'll try this again tomorrow.

Good, good morning.

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Kim said...

Don, I syndicated your blog and Chris' today at Live Journal so we can view it on our friends pages over there. It's not functioning properly so far, but I hope it will work by tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by my new digs. I still have this blog here too; the other is just so I can try to connect some writers in my part of the country.