Friday, February 10, 2006

Ode to ruined paint brushes

I still can't believe—
well...yes, I can believe—
that I've ruined each and every
brand new, expensive
Windsor & Newton paintbrush
that I purchased in the last month.

I figured, expensive meant better.

Four brushes, I left out to dry.
Two brushes formed a white goo
after I left them submerged overnight in turpentine.
I used one brush to dye my white beard hairs
'cause the brush that comes
in the kit got ruined
when I forgot to rinse it out.
Another brush was ruined
when I used it to apply liquid frisket
to one of my paintings.

I'm no good with poems

And, not any better with paint brushes.


rindambyers said...

They do say that sometimes more expensive things are not as good as the cheaper things! I mean why buy buy expensive chocolates when cheaper ones will wrok just as well when you're hungry.....

Miz JJ said...

You should return them. Seriously. If you are too embarassed to return them to the store then you should package them up and send them to the manufacturer. They'll probably send you some new ones. I do stuff like that all the time. I am the returning queen.