Friday, February 24, 2006

K loves books

What's wrong with this picture? Well, to the casual observer, nothing. As my son sits on the bathroom floor, he is reading "Where the Wild Things Are." Actually, he doesn't read, yet, so he's just studying the pictures. The problem is, when I took this photo, we were late for school. Before scrambling out the door to start our day, I called him into the bathroom to brush his teeth (yes, I still do that for him). He enters the bathroom with this book welded into his fingers. As I'm loading up his toothbrush, he cops a squat on the floor and decides he ain't relinquishin’ his last minute reading materials.

After I snapped this picture, I brushed his teeth, "Wild Things" still in his hands.

My oldest daughter is impressed with my son, her baby brother. She wants her 8-month-old son to have a love for books like K does. She's impressed with how well K speaks. But, she doesn't read to her son, and isn't really interested in starting anytime soon. "My baby is too young for books, he’ll just try to eat them," she says.

I don't think a kid can be too young to be read to. I probably could have done a better job of inspiring my daughter’s reading interest when she was a young child. But, my wife and I have been reading to K every since he entered the world, and, I'm assuming, that is why to this day he has a love for books.

My daughter has decided to buy her son some subliminal tapes which, if they are played everyday, guarantee that your child will be reading soon after they walk.

Don't laugh at my daughter, you was 23-years-old once.


rindambyers said...

I think children should be read to at any age. Sure, they may try to "eat" it, rip it, and turn it upside down but that's part of the learning process in helping them know how to "read" books. I had a "special" library book pile for my preschool class of going on two's. It was special, a privilege they had to earn, and it was amazing how quickly they learneed to treat the books with respect. People forget that a small child's ability to take in and learn language and new things is FAR greater than an adult's. They need as rich a learning evniornment as their adults can provide for them.

SHAWN said...



Don Tate II said...

Ok, the daughter reads my blog twice a year, and, of course, decides to read it today.

Kim said...

I'm still trying to figure out how kids develop a love of books. My 20 month old carries books around with her all day long. She loves books, just like her mama!

I think a lot of us have kids who love books because they see us using books all the time.

LOL about getting caught blogging about your daughter!

Gregory K. said...

Two kids here. The first wanted to be read to constantly. The second... well, he's realized it's a way to stay up a little later. My oldest was reading at the age the youngest is now, but the younger is probably a couple years away. Same parents, same habits, different kids.

I will add, though, that at our new school there were kids who I don't think had ever been read to when they arrived at kindergarten. At the school, they are read to constantly (in class and in the library), and many of them have caught and surpassed (in speaking and reading) kids who heard books from birth. Go figure.