Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Judson Montessori School, a successful visit

I had a school visit today, my first one of the year. It was a very successful visit. Probably one of the most successful visits I've ever had in terms of the enthusiasm the kids had for my presentation.

They treated me like a rock star. I signed my autograph on books, and little torn pieces of paper. That doesn’t include the little pieces of paper that was sent home for me to sign and mail back for the kids who weren’t able to buy books.

I sold many books. More books than any other school visit I’ve ever participated in. Heck, I earned more in book sales than I did in honorarium.

So, what the deal with my lack of enthusiam in this post? I typed up a full report of my day, leaving out no detail, including the chocolate cake I had for lunch (I don't like chocolate cake). I included an agenda of my typical school visit with my tips for a successful visit. Between Blogger, and my G-5's dual-processor, my computer crashed, and I lost the post. And I'm not in the mood for retyping it. But you get the idea.

In other news: While in San Antonio, I also visited the folks at Hampton-Brown. I worked with this educational publishing company on many projects years ago when I was still living in Iowa. At the time, Texas was a faraway fantasyland somewhere in the lower central hemisphere. Someplace I had only visited once, but never figured I'd actually live. It was cool to finally put a face with a name, and show off my portfolio, New York-style, by just walking in off the street with an armful of original art and 6 printed trade books with my byline on the cover.

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rindambyers said...

Yes, I know yesterday and the day before, Blogger was having trouble, not loading the blogs, slow, that kind of thing. NOT fair. I've never had a problem with Xanga since I moved over there, and Bloggers little glitches were one of my reasons to move.

What!!!!??? No love of chocolate cake? How can this be? This is a VERY serious point of difference between us, I must tell you, Don. I cannot agree with this discrimination against chocolate cake...even the cheapie ones made from mixes....I cannot think of a single chocolate item I dislike...even those fancy chocoloates made with peppers in them!