Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger frustrations

Just a short post today. My hands really hurt, and typing seems to further aggravate them. Sigh. (Please, Mz. Gig, don't barage my phone with calls, I'm fine.) Anyway, I am considering a move to maybe Typad or LJ or someplace. I haven't been able to get into Blogger for the past 24 hours, and comments seem to disappear, and reappear, and make folks think I'm deleting them. Guys, I'm not deleting comments. Double sigh.

Any thoughts on Typepad , Live Journal or another service would be helpful.


Kim said...


I really like Live Journal (no experience with Typepad). The biggest advantage to me is the friends' list--one click and I can see the latest updates from my LJ friends. Another advantage--community-building seems easier and quicker. More friends, faster!

The disadvantages--no easy way to read other formats like blogger, so I still rely on my Bloglines subscriptions to keep up with those. The other disadvantage--I have trouble remembering HTML (so I copy and paste from my Blogger blog--which would not be a good long-term solution if you wanted to get rid of Blogger!).

You could do what I did--have duplicate blogs while you test them out. Try LJ. I think you'll be amazed at how quickly people friend you!

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Come to the dark side, Don. LJ is great for the reasons Kim said. I've grown increasingly frustrated with Blogger too. As for the HTML stuff, you need to use the RICH TEXT editor which is available even with free accounts. It's at the bottom of the screen when you go to update your journal.

I think LJ does a good job of getting you connected and helping you to network, which is what it is all about. Not a fan of typepad myself.

As for seeing things that aren't on LJ, a lot of places have feeds now and you can subscribe to them to see what you want to see. Like Agent 007 has a feed that I can read on my friend's do others like Miss Snark. I actually just moved a bunch of that stuff over to a new LJ called susanreads because they are people I want to read but I am not likely to post to.

If you have a paid account, you can also syndicate another person's account so you can get a feed. I was thinking about doing that for yours so I wouldn't miss anything but I'll wait to see if you jump ship or not.

The biggest thing I miss on LJ is being able to write stuff ahead of time and then save it to post, but I've overcome missing it, mostly.


Roz said...

I've heard wonderful things about LJ.
I use typepad. But I use it for the ease of uploading files. I chose the middle of the line package..think its about 8 or 9 dollars a month.

San Nakji said...

They all have their problems Don. The best thing would be to get yourself a couple of test blogs and see what you think.

rindambyers said...

Well, Don, I don't have a friends community over at Xanga because I like it that way...and fixed it that way....less work for me to monitor comments...but the other bloggers must be networking with friends just fine. There are a LOT of younger bloggers over here....all the teens in Bremerton seem to use Xanga, I think.

As a math dyslexic, I absolutely love Xanga becuase they make things so easy to use. I have never, never, NEVER had a problem with them not being available. They have NEVER zapped my stuff. They seem to run like silk,'d never know it wasn't a free account, their service is SO good. It was so easy for me to use in comparision with either LJ or Blogger, SO MUCH EASIER! LOVE my Xanga blog....well, I admit, I love being called an Xangian, too, the name has something to do with it...

I just got totally FED up with Blogger zapping my stuff, too.

Liz B said...

blogger was acting up on me, also; for some strange reason, I could access it thru my AOL but couldn't access ANY blogger blogs ( thru Internet Explorer. It looks like it's been fixed.

I really like the LJ friends feature -- but I'm used to blogger and the thought of redoing my links etc makes me tired.

Anonymous said...

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