Friday, February 17, 2006

Because I'm overdue for a rant

For every one company that employs my freelance art services, I have about three personalities that I'll need to transact with. Each new project brings a mixed-bag of personality types. I'm a pretty laid back person, so I do well with just about everyone this business throws at me. I've been doing it long enough to know when I need to bite my tongue, shut up, and keep my eyes on the final prize: successful art, and a final paycheck.

There's one personality type that I just don't mix well with. I can't deal with someone who talks down to me and treats me like they think I'm stupid. It makes me even angrier when I know I got more going on than they do. Not that I'm all that, because I'm not. But some people just plain ain't all that, and it don't take but one conversation with them to figure it out.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Devas T, you'd better be careful because the person might read your blog." Thing is, these types of people don't see their personality flaws; their egos are so puffed up, or maybe disguised, they wouldn't recognize themselves if they came across this post anyway.

When it comes to the computer graphics programs that I use on a daily basis, I am very proficient. Because I know my programs, it doesn't take but a short chat with someone before their mutual knowledge, or ignorance, becomes transparent.

How come certain people can't accept that they don't know everything, and that not knowing everything is ok? Why can't these personalities open their minds to learning something new from someone who might know more, on a particular subject, than they do? Why, instead, must they attempt to belittle me? Once I sign the work order, contract, or license, I'm on their team. It's in my best interest to make them look good. And if they simply be quiet, and let me do what I do best, I will.

I'm afraid that my patience is wearing thin. My self respect can't be bought. Being nice just ain't worth it when someone is stepping on your toes. And jumpin' up and down. I'm afraid I am about to go off on some folks.

Rant finished.

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rindambyers said...

I have done a TON of transcribing/editing work for mental health therapists and pyshcatirsts, and believe me, Don, there is only one term for people who behave like that according to the mentalh health folks!

People with an "I know it all, disrespectful to others, uncooperative, and uncreative behaviors have a "personality disorder, not otherwise specified!" Usually, the psychiatrists can go further and nail the specific personality disorder down, like "narcissistic," for example, and put a number on it, for billing purposes as well.....

After working on so many case histories, you can almost guess the diagnosis coming with people like this. They cause ENDLESS amounts of hassles with EVERYONE constantly.

P.S. They should show RESPECT for your experience and expertise as an arists and as a creative person, Don. Shame on them.