Thursday, January 26, 2006

Postponing research for a month

Well, this weekend, I won't be travelling to South Carolina after all. I had planned to make a weekend getaway trip for research on Ron. His childhood home was in a small rural town there. All week long, the city has been celebrating in his honor, and this Saturday, they are having a special wrap-it-up do-dah at a local museum.

Taking a trip to small town South Carolina hasn’t proved so easy. I attended a black storyteller’s convention in Myrtle Beach during the early 90s while researching a book on African Myths. As I recall, getting a flight into Myrtle Beach wasn't so easy then either. It required four flights, the last one on a claustrophobic double-propeller plane which was so small I couldn’t completely stand up without hitting my head on the ceiling. It vibrated so violently that my wife and I were quite shaken by the time we made our quick exit.

Planning this particular trip didn’t go any easier. There is no direct flight into this little town, and I couldn’t find a flight with a reasonable price that would get me any closer than 100 miles. This will be just a weekend trip, so I don’t want to spend a great deal of time on the highway.

Making this trip, and getting accurate photo reference is imperative. The South Carolina countryside will make for a beautiful backdrop, and having access to the historic old building in which the story is set will cement the authenticity of my paintings. The building isn’t open to the public any longer, but I’m told that I can get access by contacting the person with the magic key, and so far the person with the magic key hasn’t returned my phonecalls. I hate red tape.

I'm still making the trip but, now, I’m going to try to go in March. Ticket prices should be a bit better buying this far out, and I’ll visit my aunt since it now looks like I’ll have to fly into Raleigh.

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Varian Johnson said...

You're gonna fly into Raleigh? Man, forget that. You should fly into Florence - the Magic City. I've flown into Florence for the past few years, and I've only lost my luggage three times. Plus, I was a straight-A student in high school, and the police only stopped me on two occasions on the claim that I was a drug dealer. And, you'd be happy to know that the Confederate flag still flies proudly at many local area attractions and homes. Why, what more would you expect from the first state to secede from the Union?

(Okay, SC isn't that bad...but being that I'm a native, I figured I had the right to poke fun at the state. It really is a beautiful state. I hope you enjoy your trip.)