Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Photos that aren't me, and a big conference

Don't throw rocks at me, I know you do it, too. I Googled myself. It's actually been a year since I've done it, so I'm not as self-indulgent as you might think. However, I do need to get a few things straight. Yes, this is me. And this is me. And so is this.

But this is not me. And neither is this, or this. And thank God, neither is this.

In other news: In a couple weeks, I'm gonna catch a ride with CB, and head on down to San Antonio for a big reading/library conference. Cool. But I hadn’t done my home work. I wasn’t very excited. I kept thinking how cool it would be to go to a real conference like the big, BIG mid-winter meeting, you know the one where the Newbery, and Caldecott awards are announced? How cool would that be? I had resolved to settle for whatever conference was coming to San Antonio. Well, upon further investigation, I discovered that this conference is, in fact, the big, BIG mid-winter meeting where the academy awards of children’s literature will take place. Now I’m excited!

And I even have an important sit-down date with an editor to review a manuscript I wrote! Other than that, I plan to stand in long lines and chase down my favorite authors and illustrators for autographs.


Varian Johnson said...
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Varian Johnson said...

I've got a booksigning here in Austin on Saturday, but I hope to run into you and Chris on Sunday at the ALA conference.

And when are you gonna bring back the dreadlocks?

Kim said...

I am so jealous! I hope you and CB have a great time. Have you given any thought to the SCBWI summer conference? I'm still campaigning (read: begging my husband) to attend. After our big, big vacation, it's not looking as likely as it was a few months ago.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

oh hey, Don, I'm jealous too. I had planned to go to mid-winter this year but it just wasn't going to happen with all the deadlines I've got. Stop by the Tricycle Press book - they'll have a teaser of the first few pages of my new novel, Hugging the Rock.

Don Tate II said...

@ Varian: "And when are you gonna bring back the dreadlocks?"

When that bald spot on the top of my head starts to fill back in.