Monday, January 30, 2006

New brushes!

For every one book that I've illustrated, I wear through several dozen paint brushes. But one brush has lasted for at least 12 years, and it just keeps on keepin' on. It's a Windsor and Newton flat #10, and it cost about $29.00. Surly, at the time, I must have got it on sale because I never pay any more that $4.00 for a paint brush, though every now and then, I'll splurge and go as high as $8.00, if I'm in a good mood.

This weekend, I decided to use part of my prize money to get some more good brushes. I set out Saturday morning along with my 4-year old son, and zipped up to Jerry's Artarama. We both grabbed the little hand-held baskets they pass out as you enter the store, and were pointed in the direction of their top quality oil paint brushes. Now, all brands of brushes have a slightly different feel, so I decided to experiment and purchased a variety of brands, and sizes. I completely disregarded pricetags because I knew my mind wouldn't let me buy an expensive paint brush if I knew how much it cost. That day, price was no option because in addition to having my prize winnings, I had just received the first-half advance from Dutton for illustrations on Ron.

So my items are rung up, and the total came to $250.00. Ouch, I did kinda flinch, but I bought my brushes regardless. But once I got home, I decided to compare prices to those where I normally get my supplies online — Dick Blick (another blog for another day). I discovered that I had just paid twice as much through Jerry's Artarama so, needless to say, I was back on the road headed north to get a refund. Turns out, when I got there, I had forgotten and left one of my bags at the store. They returned the bag to me, and started scanning each brush to credit back my MasterCard. Thing is, I didn't recognize any of those brushes. They weren't brushes that I had picked out. Turns out — I forgot — my son had his own shopping basket. He had picked out his own top-of-the-line paint brushes, and they ended up in my purchase. Little bugger.

Unrelated question: Is it a black thing; a man thing; a pretty person versus an ugly person thing, but does anyone else have trouble cashing advance/royalty checks? The bank —and I've been through several — always gives me a hassle about cashing my advance checks, making me wait 5- business, or more days before I can have access to the funds. Always!


Kim said...

I think it's a big check thing. My husband usually has to wait 5-7 days for his bonus check to be credited to our account. This year, he asked the teller to view our history (to prove to her that we have a history of a large check this time of year). She agreed it wasn't a fluke and let him have the money. Strange, hu?

rindambyers said...

Don, this sounds rather odd that the bank is doing this! Surely you qaulify as being self employed with the royalty checks, even part-time. I have a state business license for being self employed (he's considered my partner though I own the license), and we have never had trouble getting our sometimes quite large and often-irregular-in-timing checks from our clients processed expediently with our bank. You could probably qualify in your state to get one of those business license if you are not currently registered as being self-employed, and then the bank might "recognize" those checks more quickly. It costs us very little to get the license, but we then have to, since the income is large enough to
support us,be responsible for B&O taxes and sales taxes in Washington State. If I sell my quilts, the license covers me for that as well, however. It covers payment for my writing when that comes in too, we've never had a problem with the banks on that either. It must be due to having the license and a business account wtih the bank????? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

Whenever anyone deposits a large paper check, it's standard to have to wait 5-7 days for it to clear. That's how it works for everyone.

Direct deposit paychecks, money wires , cash deposits, money order deposits, and certified bank checks don't have that issue.