Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Exciting stuff

An excerpt from an email I received from a professional superior today. Ok, gosh, my boss. This is mandatory:

Here is how I thinking we could proceed:
1. Get the addresses of the venues
2. Buy a GPS device to get Longitude and Latitudes of the venues
3. Find G-points (GeoCode) of the venues if we can’t get to the actual site
4. Learn how to code the javascript
5. Find a server to host the map
6. API address for the host site from Google
7. Host the final map on and post it online

So, how come I'm not dancing on my toes about this like the other artist in my department seem to be?


Susan Taylor Brown said...

Guess I don't get what everyone is all excited about. What am I missing?

rindambyers said...

I am wondering if this MGHT be something related to a Gilmore Research group that I sat in on once...they wanted our comments on new software for maps.....alas, all I remember is that the U.S. Geological Survey sat behind the one-way glass, and I was the only one in the group who GUESSED who might be watching us....

Isn't GPS something that they use in all those CSI and thriller shows that goes in cars or something??

WAH!! I am SUCH an ignorantoppotomous.......

Anonymous said...

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