Thursday, December 15, 2005

Make-a-plan Thursday

Ok, truthfully, I don’t have a plan. But I need to consider one. In order to squeeze in these next few projects, I'll have to volunteer to work the evening shift at my full-time gig. I don't mind the evening shift because it allows me to work on my freelance projects during the day, then head into work at 3 p.m. More of my sweet creative juices flow in the morning. The salty ones flow in the evening. I’m not wasting the sweet ones making locator maps and business charts. The problem with working the late shift is that I don't get to see my family until the weekend. And with this schedule, I’ll need to work weekends, too.

My son needs his dad. I know this because of the difference seen in his behavior on those months that I work an earlier shift. Dad don't play. Not saying that mom does, but I do believe that a healthy fear factor plays a huge role in raising a well disciplined kid. The wife ain't very scary. The wife needs me at home, too, or the little bugger runs amuck, which makes for a tired and cranky wife when I get home at 11:30 p.m.
So, I need a plan. I have a busy few months ahead, and I need to be a husband and dad, too.

Today, I officially began working the night shift. My son just called to say, "Dad, I want you to come home because I love you." Cute little bugger. Now, I'm off to make a plan.


Kim said...

Good luck coming up with a plan. I hope you are able to find a way to balance work and family to make everyone happy during this very exciting and busy time.

rindambyers said...

Don can you pre-stamp some envelopes and send your son a letter by the real P.O. every day? Like just a little note every day? Kids just LOVE and ADORE getting letters! I mean it is a REALLY big deal to get a letter or small surprise package in teh mail for a littel kid. When my dad was gone for three months, he wrote LETTERs individually about every week to each of us kids!

He could send you letters, too! pictures and things for you that way. I expect he is a bit little for e-mails.