Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey day!

Well, it's kind of a dreary Thanksgiving day. It’s chilly outside with grey clouds hanging low in the sky, so we probably won't do much outside like I had thought.

I woke up first thing this morning with a plan to put a dent in my reading. Currently, I’m reading Red Polka Dot, and making all sorts of little notes with questions to myself in which to later ask the author. But I didn't get far in my reading. Two minutes into the third chapter, I hear the pitty-patter of feet above my head. The noise went from Ks room into my bedroom, and then to my studio. He's awake and looking for me. Once he finds me, however it's where's my breakfast, put in my video and go away so I can concentrate on Dora. I did all this only in time for the wife to also get up, however saved by the bell. The phone rang, and it was one of her old friends from high school. That’ll be a two hour phone call.

So, I'm blogging, then back to reading. Ironic, here we are home to spend the holiday together, and we've each found an excuse to do something independently. Cool!

Now, back to my novel.

Happy Turkey Day!


rindambyers said...

Happy Thanksgiving, to you and yours!

The Archivist said...

Happy Thanksgiving!