Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Me on national radio, and a Berenstain dies

Today I received an invitation to be interviewed on a radio show. As a featured guest, I'd be allowed to promote my books at a national level, as well as discuss my path to publishing. Cool? Well...um, maybe not. See, they charge a fee for their interviews. Now, I'm not knocking the credibility of the radio show or it's host. It's business, and that's what they do. And as far as I know, although this may be a stretch, Stu Taylor may be on par with the likes of Larry King, or Rush Limbaugh. Probably not? The thing is, I've gone from multiple paid appearances over the past couple of years to one paid and three pro-bono appearances this year alone. My ego just won't allow me to walk down that pay-to-appear path kind of success.

Stan Berenstain Died

It's ironic that I am even in the book business. As a child, I wasn't into books. Other than my dad's illustrated medical dictionary (he worked for a printer), and our children's encyclopedias, I didn't read much. I do, however, remember the Berenstain Bears series of books by Jan and Stan Berenstain. The illustrations were charming, simple, lacking the laboriously rendered quality of many of today's children's book illustrations (including my own). The books were also among my daughter's favorites when she was a child.

Stan Berenstain — co-author/illustrator of more than 200 books with wife Jan Berenstain — died this past Saturday. Their books have been loved by two generations of beginning readers, and I'm sure, although Stan will be missed, children will continue to enjoy this series for years to come.


The Archivist said...

I can't believe a Berenstain is dead. That's... bad.

rindambyers said...

I will miss them, too. Even though you will never read reviews of their books in important reivew magazines or find them on library recommended book lists. They deserve more respect. The children to whom I read their books when I taught preschool loved their books. So do I.

Elle said...
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Wawa said...

Wow. I loved their books as a child. It may seem cliched, but I remember my mom really did buy me "The Berenstain Bears' New Baby" when she was pregnant with my brother. I haven't thought about that in years.

I agree that they deserve more respect. Children love their books because of their "simplicity." I know I did.