Friday, October 07, 2005

Don't worry, be happy!

Because I will be working the weekend shift at my full-time gig, I have the day off. I should be revising those two manuscripts I've been working on. I should be scanning in a few pieces of art that I promised to send my agent. I should be studying that manuscript that was emailed to me yesterday from Harper Collins. I probably at least should take a shower and get dressed. But, up until about 5 minutes ago, I was still in my slump, pouting because I won't be able to attend this weekends SCBWI conference. However, something just happened that sort of put me back on track.

After wasting away most of the morning reading more than a few blogs and cleaning my studio which is long over due for a clean up, I decided to head down and grab some lunch. I swallowed as I opened up the fridge in an attempt to rid my throat of that frog that's been living there for the past few days. That's when I heard it! Somebody was singing. Now, I'm home alone, the television is off and for once, I'm not listening to music or Rush Limbaugh. So the singing kind of freaked me out. I swung around and headed for the family room. The singing was coming from the corner over behind the television between the couch and bookcase. That's when I hear that familiar refrain, "Don't worry, be happy. Wooo-oooo-oooo" (you get the idea). I look down in the corner and this mounted bass, a gift from my father-in-law, is wiggling from side to side and moving his lips in sync to the words.

How weird. Thing is, this motion activated conversation piece hasn't worked in years. And only works when someone passes directly in front of it. I was in an adjacent room at least 60 feet away. Once I realized that this thing probably was not evil possessed, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at how this might've played out on the big screen.

Don't worry, be happy. That's a good thought for the day.

So, I'm setting a new goal. I'm going to be thankful for the Harper Collins deal, and study that manuscript. I'm going to pull out every one of my son's novelty 3D flip books and study the engineering so that I can have some ideas ready by the time I discuss this with the editor and art director on Monday. By the end of the weekend, I'm going to have one of those manuscripts rewrote. Even if it's worse than it is now, I'd at least be one step closer to getting this story where it needs to ultimately be.

Oh, and first things first: off to the shower.


The Archivist said...

Well, I'm glad you could turn your slump around.

Some things happen just when you need them most.

jazeGma2 said...

I remember the first time I saw that singing fish. I thought it was cute! Well it did you good that day. It gotcha going!

Rose said...


rindambyers said...

Hilarious! LOVE it! A singing fish. Rivals the singing frog dude I heard at a recent quilt guild meeting...

I thought this would give you a smile, too...A few years back, I read about a literary writer type guy's method of writing!

He would lock himself up in a cheap motel room for several days, lie in bed for hours and write, write, write...and NEVER take a shower! He'd be pretty stinky by the time he was done..but he would have his writing done!

Worse than Agatha Christie writing in her bathtub....!