Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Advance warning!

Just received the second half of my advance from August House! Woo-hoo! My arrangements with SFL Agency is a bit different than I've had with other agents in that I get one-half an advance upon signing contracts and the second half upon delivery of art. Makes for two nice hunks of cash, however almost 10-months apart. One can get kinda hungry in 10 months.

But anyway I have it and just in time for the wife's birthday. She's a lucky woman to be married to me, at least for the moment she is, but the money will be spent quicker than you can say the word "taxes". What does she want for her birthday? One of those little fold down Walmart chairs used on the sidelines by soccer parents. Practical woman, yes. But can you believe this is the same woman who carried a $400.00 purse when I first met her 14-years ago. I'll do better than a fold down chair.

Well, excuse me. I'm off to Dillard’s (think: wife's birthday). I’m off to Jerry's Art-o-rama (think: new set of oil paints). I'm off to CompUSA (think: daughter in college needs stuff). I’m off to Jiffy Lube (think: overdue for an oil change smoking truck). I’m off to the post office (think: SCBWI, 'cause I owe them so much money).


rindambyers said...

Sounds like you might be a lucky guy, too.....!

The Archivist said...

Very cool!