Friday, October 28, 2005


Here’s my illustration life over the past two days.

Book # 3 (in order of due dates)
Received an offer from Dial/Dutton. Since I am now officially unagented, I will be negotiating this one myself. I’ll be spending some time this weekend studying my previous contracts.

Book #2
Late this afternoon, I had a conference call with the editor and art director on Z. Z will be a novelty pop-up book published by HarperCollins. Today I presented them with my thumbnail ideas.

Thumbnail sketches are just that — quick, sketchy, thumbnail-sized sketches. I created two to four ideas for each page. After purchasing a small library of pop-up books, and tearing through them, some quite literally, the ideas were overflowing. One thing I noticed about most other pop-up books is that they are much too fragile. Most of the books I purchased were already damaged having been handled by kids in the store. Tails, the sister book to the book I’m working on is very sturdy. It is made with the young toddler in mind. It has no large pop out, easy to tear pieces. It uses many kinds of textures and the movable components are simple. Although the first conversation I had with the editor and art director had pie in the sky flip outs, flip-flops, and complex paper engineering, I backed off those in favor of simple, fun, but sturdy.

They liked my ideas and sent a very complementary email note about my progress so far.

Book # 1
Yesterday, I accepted yet another book which I will squeeze in before getting too deeply involved with Z. This will be a 6-page book that will be published as part of an educational reading program with…well, I’m not sure who. I think this program was jobbed out from Scott Foresman to Rosa+Wesely, Inc, a book development firm. Anyway, I plan to illustrate this one digitally using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Painter.

My agent called yesterday to inform me that a textile company would like to license some of my art to be used on fabric. Apparently, my “collections” would be sold through fabric stores, as well as national chains such as Walmart. Kinda cool. Now, I’ve been charged with coming up with dual names for my collections, one name for mass market, and another for specialty shops. Hmm, I get stuck with names. Do you know how long it took me to come up with Devas T. Rant and Raves?

I had a pretty good past 48-hours, that is, until I had to come into work and create a complex map locating citywide bond proposals. Grrrrrrr.

Unrelated thought: I re-read my blog post from yesterday, and my words could have been misinterpreted. I hope no one took my words wrongly. When I said "White Witch" I wasn't speaking in racial terms. From what I've read, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe features a snow-white like witch.


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Seems like you're keeping yourself busy, my friend. Keep it up!

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Keep up the good roll, Don. Congrats on all the good things coming your way. Hard work pays off.

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You are a busy guy! Very nice to see that Dutton came through for you!