Sunday, September 18, 2005

The spelling issue

Ok, I've received several warnings from people about the spelling on my blog. It took me forever to figure out the problem but, turns out, it's more of a technical issue than stupidity on my part — although, I am no stranger to stupidity. I use a Mac, OSX. Most of the programs I use are classic (before OSX). I create my text in a program called Stickies (classic & OSX). I always run my text through spell check in Freehand (classic version). I create my blog Post in Firefox (OSX). I just discovered 8 months after starting this blog, all this jumping between operating systems just don't work so well. Copied text from Stickie notes will paste fine into Freehand. Spell-checked text copied from Freehand, then pasted into Firefox won't work — therefore what I paste into my blog is still full of spelling fopas — er, faux pas. Oops.

The spam issue
I've lost several emails lately. After receiving one too many adult-explicit spams, I beefed up my spam filter. If I indeed want that stuff, I know how to find it. I don't need little reminders in my mailbox. Since beefing up my spam filter, I get most of my legit emails in my spam folder. I've missed important emails from my agent, other authors and who knows who else. So if you've emailed me lately, and I didn't respond, it's not that I'm stuck up — however, I'm no stranger to stuck up either.

Now my use of commas, dashes and hyphens are still in question.


Kim said...

I sure wish these people would leave you alone about the spelling! At least you found the problem.

I saw your note at Susan's LJ. I am doing picture book reviews at I'm having lots of fun reading all the latest and greatest picture books!

The Archivist said...

For god's sake, it's your blog. If you wanna make spelling mistakes, that's your business!

Susan Taylor Brown said...

I'm with Kim on the spelling - enough already. Though I regularly get emails from people who are really nasty about the wordings, grammar and other things on my website. They almost always say, "A writer should know better." And I alternate between wanting to spit and wanting to quit because it hits me right in the midst of my own insecurities.

I am SO grateful for my editors, copyeditors, agent, critique partners and friends who point things out to me. Of course none of them can help when I misprounounce words. Sigh.

As for those lost emails - oh well, you missed your chance on the big Nigerian lottery, I'm sure. ;-)


Myrah said...

I find that most spell checkers don't work the way they should half the time anyway!

rindambyers said...

Well, you know, what I think already, Devas! You rule on your blog! You RULE! Down to the last comma!

Besides anyone can see that you're not using your blog as a promotional tool to help sell your paid services as an editor or copyeditor or punctuation expert or manuscript critiquer or creative writing for children teacher.

No, you're using your blog to help promote your creative writing! So, why is anyone BOTHERING to look at the punctuation, grammar, and spelling...perhaps they don't have very interesting or exciting lives or something..

Now, if I wanted to sell my own proofreading/editing skills over the net (and I am the real deal, a pro in that area...been earning my living in it already for fifteen plus years)..well, then, I would write a punctuation-and-grammar- and-spelling-perfect website and blog....and then people would, indeed, have a right to critique my writing expertise on that site/blog...and pick out the mistakes...but, ahem, well, that's not what I'm doing on my personal blog...I'm just enjoying writing....and escaping PERFECTION....and LOVING it....feels sooooo good to use punctuation any way like I feel like it....

Rinda M. Byers