Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I purchased the book Pigsty (Scholastic, 1994) when it first published some 12 years ago. Of course, I purchased it because I liked the art. Mark Teague is one of my favorite children's book illustrators. I'm almost embarrassed to say, I never actually read the book until recently. Pigsty is the story of a kid who keeps his room messy — a Pigsty as his mother refers to it. One day, a couple of pigs, who find his messy room quite comfortable, move in. Wendell and the pigs have a good ol' time until they start hogging his pillows and blankets. But when they chew his baseball cards, they've overstayed their welcome. Once Wendell cleans his room, the pigs move out.

I recently read this story to my son, and he liked it. So I thought. However, I had no idea how much this book would impact him. He was suddenly afraid to spend any time in his bedroom. You see, just like his dad, his room gets a bit untidy. He was afraid the pigs might move in, and he didn't find Mark Teague's pigs very cute. So he started trying to keep his room clean so the pigs wouldn't move in.

Now, his dad is another story. Dad don't believe in pigs, at least not the kind that move into people's bedrooms. However the son swears up and down that there's a pig living in dad's clothes closet.

Just discovered that Kim over at Over-caffeinated mom posted on a similar topic today.


Kim said...

That looks like a cute book. We just cleaned our piggy rooms this weekend. I doubt they'll stay clean for long. They never do.

Yep...great minds!

The Archivist said...

My room is an organised mess. That could be the reason why I've not seen any pigs.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Oh dear, we're supposed to clean?
Make way for the pigs.

princessdominique said...

Oooh, I didn't know you were still going strong over here!


Rose said...

Pigsty! Familiar term. I see this often. Too much clutter. Good story for book, bad scene for my home..

Rinda M. Byers said...

I NEED my clutter. I NEED IT, I NEED IT, I NEED IT....yeah!

I think it's because I collect things a lot. I don't know anyone else my age who COLLECTS beechnuts....just one example. I won't go into all the rocks on my windowsills...and oh, yeah, I think there are a few in a box somewhere maybe....I think I better go and look...

Rinda M. Byers