Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm back and well rested

I really needed this vacation. With the exception of lugging five, what seemed like 100-pound suitcases through customs at Carnival's airport-like terminal, I didn’t do any work. No painting, no sketching, no writing, no blogging. I did, however, send two emails at the total cost of $15.00, but that was the only means of communication I had with my mom who flew in to Texas to watch my son while we cruised to Cozumel. Carnival cruise ships are just that — fun! Expensive, but fun.

Possibly a published flake! Again!

I've posted maybe 3 poems on this blog since starting it at the first of this year. As I had said in an earlier post, I thought poets were flakes. For that reason I hesitated about posting my own prose here. I figured, it’s probably OK to be a little flaky as long as I keep my flakiness off the internet. I'm glad I came to my senses. Before leaving for vacation, I received an invitation from author Michael Sampson to have one of my poems, first published here on Rants and Raves, included in his up-and-coming children's poetry book (post quickly removed from blog). He's even proposed that I illustrate it. This, of course, is all contingent upon his editor's approval, but still, how cool is that that he asked?

The original poem is written from an adult point of view, so I will need to revise it to fit the target readership. I can't express enough how much Michael's invitation has boosted my confidence in my writing abilities. I've been writing all over the place, from blogs to several manuscripts, but with trepidation a constant underlying factor.

Michael Sampson is the author of children's best-seller, and my son's favorite Chicka, Chicka 1, 2, 3, as well as many other well known children's books. I first met Michael Sampson about three years ago at a children's book festival in Corpus Christi, Texas. We were both featured authors/illustrators and I was amazed at how he dazzled the kids with his very lively readings of his books. Since then, we've crossed paths a couple more times at various other literary events. I know this might sound a bit voodoo-fantastic, but earlier this summer as I sat in the back seat of Michaels SUV at the Pathways to Literacy conference in Tampa, I listened to him speak about his by-chance meeting and subsequent career-long colaborations with the late author Bill Martin Jr. As I listened to him speak, I sort of sensed — or something — that our crossing paths might result in something beyond the conference. Don't ask me why, maybe I was just wishful thinking. But since I really don't believe in luck-of-the-draw fate, maybe I experienced something divine that day.

Thanks Michael!

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Susan Taylor Brown said...

Glad you had a nice vacation Don and congrats on the invite with your poem.