Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fishy faux pas

I'll bet you thought you'd heard the end of my ole Snerdly stories. But the show ain't over 'til the fat lady sings — or in this case — the fish decomposes.

Earlier this year, I blogged a few times about Snerdly, my 3-year-old son's beta fish. To make a long story short, Snerdly died a couple months ago. I had planned to use Snerdly's death as an opportunity to teach the son such things about dying and heaven. About how life doesn't last forever, so we must live our lives with integrity and fortitude. How important it is not to tell lies and how continuing to kiss Carter might make his father cry.

I completely flawed my "Father Knows Best" moment.

I took the tank out to my garage. I pushed Snerdly's dead carcass, him floating at the top of his tank, into a corner behind a box used for storing Christmas wrap. My plan was to stop over at a Petco, pick up a new beta before the son discovered him missing. But I forgot.

I recently discovered Snerdly. That's him balled up there on the bottom in a post mortem cluster of white slimy goo.

Of course, I thought it made for a perfect Kodak moment — or better yet — blog moment, so I took this picture and downloaded it to my computer.

While preparing this blog, the son walks up, discovers this photo on my computer monitor and just stares. He doesn't say a word. Gives me this quizzical look and walks away. Nothing more was said

So, now I'm gonna have to change strategies. I'll do what Clinton [president] did concerning gays in the military: He don't ask, I don't tell.

And maybe we'll get a new Snerdly some time in the future.


Unrelated thought for the day: I know, I said that I would no longer bad mouth pit bulls, but dog-gone (literally), somebody finally got it right! And I still cant believe the politicians were able to put their heads together and actually do the right thing — protect human life. And I even heard talk that Austin may consider this very same thing! Yes! *looking in the direction of my pit bull owning next door neighbors*


The Archivist said...

I feel sorry for you, man. I hope that this business is resolved satisfactorily, without too much damage to your kid... after all, losing your goldfish is traumatic.

The Gig said...

I think you go ahead and prepare him for loss as you said on this post. I don't want to find myself having to answer any of those kind of questions when I get there or having to possibly respond to a probable comment "my daddy killed Snerdley."

Hasn't he missed the fish?

Jdid said...

fish killer fish killer! lol
so when will you have that talk with your son?

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Egad, Don. Poor kid. Poor fish.
Susan, whose kids had rats and guiena pigs instead of fish

Miss A. said...

A fish is a fish... yeah it's sad when one dies, but you can replace it... AND BETAS... shoot... u can prolly get one that looks just like Snerdly! LOL

About the pit bulls... gotta disagree with Denver. There are behavioral differences between the cousins of the pit terrier breed. AND... dogs behave as their owners train them. I have met many a friendly pit AND rottweiler. The people who train their dog(s) (ALL DOGS) to be mean and feisty should be dealt with as well. However, I do agree that if ANY animal attacks a human, that animal should be put down. No one should target a certain breed of dog, just because of a stereotype. That's like the KKK wanting to kill off African-Americans or Hitler wanting to kill off the Jews. c'mon now... Killing over 200 pitbulls or their cousin breed no matter of the dogs' behavior... that's senseless and could be considered cruelty to animals.

Don Tate II said...

@ Ms. A. Thanks for the comment. I must respectfully disagree. But thats ok, I like it when folks disagree, that way we can dialog, a bit.
LOL! <---(friendly warm up to a rant that follows)

Your point about the KKK and Africans and Hitler make my point. These are dogs. They are not people. These dogs are known for killing people, and regardless of whos fault it is that they kill(bad owners, bad training)...they still kill. I've heard many stories about how some sweet pit bull enexpectedly mauled some child, but its the owners fault. The fact remains: poodles don't kill folks. I say, let's be cruel to a few hundred pit bulls and possibley save a HUMAN life.

Rinda M. Byers said...

Yes, I think some sort of little fish funeral might be in order. I might sound silly at my over-50 age to be glad that I have my kitty's grave near by but I am glad. I keep flowers there. The neighborhood kids often ask about our Rudy cat. So, maybe a new fish and a little ceremony for the old one?

I have to tell you all this true pitbull story: Two of the neighborhood little girls popped by one day with a young pitbull puppy they were walking for its owner. I let the puppy into the livingroom wtih them, assuming the cats would scatter safely downstairs. Well, Pumpkin, our old declawed, half-blind, yellow long-hair kitty, she stood her ground! Hissing and yowling, my, oh my! That puppy was terrified of her, went into the beta puppy mode, whimpering and crying and cringing! Very funny to see...I hope they don't put bans now on old, declawed, half-blind, yellow cats where we live now...people need to take better care of their dogs, that's for certain...

The Corporal said...

I just wanted to stop by, and thank you for your comment.

New readers are always welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed what you saw. (Though, I'll apologize in advance if you happen to see something that isn't exactly your cup of tea.)

While here, I'll chime in on your discussion...

Here in Ontario, pit bulls are banned. The existing dogs will be allowed to live their lives, but breeding and selling are prohibited.

Pit Bulls not on a leash, and those that attack other animals and children will be destroyed by Police or Euthanized. Additionally, the owners will be held responsible for veterinary expenses due to injuries to other pets.

And, there will be plenty more opportunities to have that particular discussion with your son. And, at three, he may not be as receptive as he needs to be for that discussion to actually sink in.

Don't worry. Your "Don't ask, don't tell" policy may be a good way to go about it for now.

Chris Barton said...

You might want to start fresh with a new tank, too...

princessdominique said...

Yes I agree a new tank, a new fish might work. Doesn't he feed the fish daily though?

Luke Cage said...

Hey brotha Don, that's too bad about your son finding out about the demise of his pet in the manner that he did. But I know that you will handle the death and explain it to your son in a very dignified and fatherly kind of way. You probably have already man. At 3 years old, yeah I'm sure you are addressing this now as I type this.

The issue with the Pit Bull and the extreme steps that Denver is taking, (as well as Miami and the other city) I don't know man. It doesn't seem right. I was attacked by a pit bull when I was about 8 or 9 years old. And even then, as a kid, I didn't hold the dog accountable so much as I did the owner for training the animal to act that way as if that were its nature.

You have these idiots out here, who raise these dogs, toughen them up, deprive them of food to make them more aggressive, sign them up in these illegal dog fights, or lace their food with steroids or other nonsense for the simple pleasure of making the animal more aggressive. Do you want extreme man? Consider this.

Chicago is attempting to enforce an ordinance that is so strict that if I was to own a pit bull, and I came to visit a friend of mine in that city, and I stayed overnight in that friend's home, my friend would face fines anywhere within $100-$1000. For staying overnight with a dog at my friend's house man! A dog! Isn't that over the top? This isn't a feral cat or Tiger and Lion for God's sake.

Don't get me wrong. I understand, it's not hard to come to the concluson of having to put an animal down after it's attacked and mauled someone's face off, the animal should be put down because its aggressiveness has been tuned up to the point of it becoming it's natural primal instincts. Its the way it is now with that dog through it's training. Killing it is unfortunately the way to go. We don't know what kind of issue can set that dog off again. It's become a menace to society.

Several years ago, I can't remember what city, a man owned like 10-15 pit bulls, all of them had secret words that would set them into attack mode. In docile state, the dogs were the most sweetest animals a person could own. The police arrested the man for cruelty to animals because they weren't being fed properly or tended to properly. They asked him to reveal the secret words that would set the dogs in attack mode.

The man wouldn't reveal the words. They had to put all of the animals down. See, they had no choice. You can't allow an animal to roam the streets or be picked up in a animal shelter that can be set off by simply saying the word "love" for instance. So there are instances where I think euthanizing the animals is the only way to go. This is in no way a comparison between animal and human being. In fact, there is none. Humans' first. I understand where you're coming from brother. I really do.

But a city or state wide ordnance to rid that area of pit bulls, is extreme man. I agree with one of your earlier posters. Punish the owners for training the pit bulls to act out like that. Not the animal himself.

Don Tate II said...

@Luke Cage: I always like when you visit a brotha because you are not sparing in offering your opinions. Your generous sagely thoughts are much appreciated. Same for many others, too.

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

Ok Devas as on comment to miss A, I hate to say it dude but Poodles are actually considered dogs that are not good with children as well. They are bad about snapping at them and biting them cause they have little patience and are easily irritated. So if you got watch the poodles too lol. Grandmas used to be really sweet to adults but it hated kids so I think that steriotype fits them.

Nikki said...

Get him a new fish, but the talk is inevitable.

WIP said...

Me and the husband's take on animals for pets - fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, etc. - they are all just like having another mouth to feed and attention to receive. We've got our share so N O pets in the M' household. Good luck to you bro' with all the 'xplainin', pet care and stuff.

ShellyP said...

Cool fish tank!

notyouraverage.... said...

i can only imagine the thoughts that ran through your son's head upon walking in and seeing the picture on your computer.

Jez Chill said...

Kids have such short attention spans, I'm sure no trama was inflicted.