Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson: Not Guilty!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *hiding a really big smile*

This newsroom was captivated by this story like no other story before. Reporters gathered in clusters around each TV monitor in silence as the verdict was read. Wasn't even like this on 911. They can joke all they want to, but Michael is NOT GUILTY! *a sigh of relief*


WIP said...

Looks like we were of the same thought pattern. I started to post a briefing on this, seeing I just stepped away from the TV after listening and watching until the final count was read. Power of a praying let's hope Dirty-Uncle-Mike will get his goings on together. And my "joke" is all good, cause as one comedian put it, "We 'on never hear tale of Mike's siblings kids staying over with ol' Dirty-Uncle-Mike!" LOL.

Nikki said...

He'd better not ever have another damn sleepover in his life. And he shoulda went straight to a church or handed out some Watchtowers (because he is/was Jehovah Witness) or something after the not guilty verdicts.

The Gig said...

Me too. I'm glad he was found "not guilty." I hope he takes a lesson from this and not have any kids sleep over.

The Archivist said...

He is not guilty, but I bet some of the world has already tried him and convicted him in their minds; as such, they will react based on their worldview he is guilty.

Even the verdict of him being found not guilty won't change their minds.