Friday, June 24, 2005

Little boy stuff

I have two gigs. Gig number one is spent illustrating children's books. Gig number two is spent at the newspaper. I work a rotating schedule at gig number two. This month, that means working nights. Nights, for me, mean coming to work at three in the afternoon and getting off at about ten-thirty or eleven. Since the wife works a relatively normal 9 to 5, I don't get to spend as much time as I would like with her or my son. She will often stay up and wait for me, but the son is almost always in bed at that late hour. Means, besides weekends, I only see him in the morning. I wake him up, oversee his shower and help him get dressed. Unfortunately, to the disdain of my second momma, Dr. Laura, both the wife and I have to work full-time J.O.B.S. So, after getting him dressed, I take him to daycare before returning home to illustrate books.

Throughout the day, I miss him. I miss his overuse of "Daddy- daddy- daddy," his unrelenting barrage of questions, his nonstop request for drinks of water. "Can I have some water? Can you get me some juice? Can I have another cookie? I gotta go to the pottie!" I think he knows I miss him when he's gone, so he leaves behind, little reminders strewn all over my truck. And since I rarely clean my ride, I now have quite an interesting collection of little-boy memorabilia. Here's a sampling of my treasure:

Chocolate chip cookie crumbs matted into the carpeting adjacent to the mold I have growing just beneath the passenger seat (no, I'm not one of those guys that warships his ride); A fossilized chocolate chip cookie; A tootsie roll package. (when I was a kid, tootsie rolls came in one color — brown); Several dried-up orange peels on those days after the wife let me have it for buying him Krispie Kremes for breakfast; A blue parachute guy, sans parachute; An empty package of Capri Sun; An Austin Energy key-chain flashlight which he insisted upon shining in the barbers eyes while he tried giving him a hair cut; Another little blue thing I have yet to identify; One of two of the plastic lions he owns from his Noah's Ark collection (he seems to like lions, kings of the jungle. Am I reading too much into it?); A Jimmie Neutron Hotwheel (he's a scale-model hotrod mobileophile); Two Robots soft candies; A couple pieces of yarn from a school project. He still hasn't mastered using glue very well; An unidentifiable pink thing; His "cool man" sunglasses, sans the lenses; His blue "cool man" glasses with the lenses; A frosted flake, he doesn't like healthy; A french fry that's probably mine; Some fruit loops (apparently, not big with Saddam); Some Cracker Jacks...well, one Cracker Jack (kids these days just don't like Cracker Jacks, not even with the prizes); A yellow happy-face ball; A dead dandelion (he likes picking flowers and giving them to me. I hold on to them and when he's not looking, throw them on the floor); A Vegas-style plastic slot machine; Another Hotwheel (like father, like son); and a few pennies he likes collecting off the floor, although he prefers "the big ones" (quarters et al. )

Unrelated thought for the day: It will be so cool having my blog featured in the Texas Writer's League's 800+ member newsletter next week. They even referred to me as a writer in an email exchange. Guess, I'll have to clean up my act for awhile and blog on something sensical. Maybe. NOPE!

Word of the day: et al.


The Archivist said...

Kids do the darndest things. *grins*

Friar Tuck said...

Very cute

Susan Taylor Brown said...

I love seeing a dad who is cherishing every moment with his son. I know you know that it doesn't happen with parent and child as often as we might like. I thank you for being that kind of a person. You son will grow up knowing how loved he is. What a gift.

The Gig said...

Devas, you are a terrific dad. That's why your chidren love you so much.

WIP said...

Your truck pretty much sounds like my Odyssey. The difference is, I usually wish I could acquire Incredible Hulk strength, pick the van up and turn it on its side, and commence to shake all the crapola out of it. Crumbs. Cookies. Fries. Wrappers. Toys. Puzzle pieces. Stolen lottery pencils. You ought to see me when I finally get the husband to muck it out. I'm like the no-food-Natzi up in there. That lasts all of one red light to the next. Thankfully I've not found any actual roaches or it would be a third-world-country on wheels! LOL

Christopher M. Beatrice said...

Sounds like a time capsule lol. Maybe you should save that stuff for later on in life. Who ever would have thought your ride could take you on a trip like that. That is very cool man. Glad you enjoy your kids so much, nice to hear.

Rinda M. Byers said...

I just LOVE this collection of Little Boy "stuff" on your blog! LOVE it!! Surely, you have the start of a picturebook here.

Thanks much for the little "promote" of my blog, Devast! I have your blog listed in my "review" section on my blog. Xanga free doesn't allow me a more front-page listing of sites I like.

I intend a blog on the "Little Black Sambo," soon, however. Again, I certainly enjoyed reading about the little boy stuff! Reminds me of the time one of my little brothers kept a worm in a box under his pillow...for quite a while until my mom sniffed it out....

Rinda M. Byers

The Gig said...

Tiff: you are too funny -- LOL, LOL -- i can picture your car turned on it's side with the crumbs, etc. coming out.

Oricon Ailin said...

LOL!!! "Third-world country on wheels"...that is too much!!

Yeah, Don, Tiff, and others, I have the same problem. Except, I have no kids. So, I'm the one who makes the mess in the car.

I usually have clothes, a Bible or two, other books, half eaten food, crumbs, junk, Easter bunny ears, etc. all in my car.

And, to top it off, right after my fiance paid to have my car (I have a Saturn Vue SUV) cleaned, vacuumed, and shampooed, I spilled nachos all over the floor on the passenger side.

I'm a mess! heheh

Lauren said...

I can't wait to have those memories with my children....I'll look forward to the day.


The Gig said...

Okay, Okay Oricon Ailin -- you made me do it -- I just have to fess up. My car is full of junk too and I too have no kids -- I made the mess myself. But being on the defensive -- I work with kids at church and my car is full of stuff from church and the fund raising stuff for my granddaughter. Will you accept that for my excuse? ha, ha, what can I say. You are all persons after my own heart he, he, he

Oricon Ailin said...

LOL! Mz. G...doesn't feel good to fess up?!! heheheheh


Don, I can't wait for the day that I get to experience the things you do with having children. I love kids, just don't have any yet. Let's get through the wedding first, THEN I'll look into having some rugrats of my own. hehehe

Brea said...

*HUGE* smile - great Dad you are!

Anonymous said...

love the kid-stuff pic
it makes a great collage to remember the fun days
being with our kids
mine are grown now but still have -lots of junk in the ride :)
hope you all had a great anniv!